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Tom Fanelli saw that he could make WordPress hosting much better, so he started Convesio in 2018 and built a platform that is easy to use with powerful tools included. His ambitious vision did not take long to come true.


Best WordPress Hosting Convesio 2023

Hosting ProviderConvesio
FeaturesYou can easily deploy WordPress with Docker and a load balancer, but there are even more features! You can get super-fast caching, application monitoring, secure backup systems such as Git version control, spam protection services, free SSL certificates courtesy of Cloudflare’s global CDN network, optimized databases, and automated malware patching
Hosting PlanManaged WordPress Hosting
PriceStarts from $50 per Month
Free TrialYes u get a Free trial
RefundNo Question 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
SupportEffective Response
Official SiteVisit Convesio Here

Convesio is a popular web hosting service for WordPress sites. Its customers say it’s the best! This provider offers good scalability, excellent performance, and reliability due to its unique design. Moreover, businesses running on WordPress can find tailored solutions from this top-managed hosting service that combines proprietary software and open-source applications.

Is Convesio’s WordPress Hosting a good investment? Many people think this is one of the leading managed WordPress hosting providers, so let us take a close look and find out if it is as good as it seems. Is Convesio truly one of the best options out there or is it just another low-quality solution that won’t meet your needs? Let us figure it out.

Convesio is a WordPress hosting provider that offers features and tools to help you manage your website. One of the main benefits of using Convesio is that their hosting platform is reliable and has good uptime, meaning your website will always be available to visitors. They also offer a user-friendly control panel and easy scalability of resources, which can be helpful for managing and growing your website.

Additionally, Convesio does a good job with customer service and technical support, which can be helpful for those who need help with their hosting account. In general, Convesio is a good choice for those looking for a reliable and easy-to-use managed WordPress hosting solution.

Convesio is a WordPress hosting provider that offers features and tools to help you manage your website. One of the main benefits of using Convesio is that their hosting platform is reliable and has good uptime, meaning your website will always be available to visitors. They also offer a user-friendly control panel and easy scalability of resources, which can be helpful for managing and growing your website.

Additionally, Convesio does a good job with customer service and technical support, which can be helpful for those who need help with their hosting account. In general, Convesio is a good choice for those looking for a reliable and easy-to-use managed WordPress hosting solution.

What is Convesio?

Convesio is the best platform for digital agencies and freelancers wanting to build, manage, and optimize their websites. Convesio has many features such as hosting solutions, custom email accounts, eCommerce capabilities, and enhanced security measures. This platform is simple to use yet sophisticated and will make your website stand out from other websites.

Convesio is different from other companies because it has WordPress hosting solutions that make your website run well even when there are a lot of visitors visiting it. Convesio also has modern themes and features that make it easy to manage your website, making Convesio a good choice for people who want high-quality hosting solutions designed especially for their WordPress website.

Convesio is a website hosting and creation platform that helps digital agencies and freelancers, offering features to create, manage, and optimize their websites. These features include hosting, email, eCommerce, and security tools.

One good thing about Convesio is that it makes WordPress websites run faster and better, even when the website gets a lot of visitors. Convesio also has themes that look nicer and features that make it easier to manage your website when you’re not at your computer; so, if you’re looking for a good hosting solution for your WordPress website, Convesio is an excellent choice.

If you are thinking about switching your hosting to Convesio, it could be a very good decision. Convesio is a powerful web hosting service that is designed to work well with WordPress websites. This means that your website will load quickly and smoothly, even when there is a lot of traffic. With Convesio, you also get access to professional design themes and automated features that will help your business succeed.

Convesio is not like other hosting companies; it is much better. It uses AI and machine learning to provide the best user experience possible. If you are searching for a reliable and stable hosting company for your online business, then Convesio should be your first choice. It is the best of the best when it comes to WordPress hosting.

Enjoy the Advantages of Convesio’s Top-Notch WordPress Hosting Solutions.

Convesio is easy to use, and websites can get more resources, such as RAM and CPU when they need them. They don’t need a server administrator, which is good for websites that have a lot of traffic or need special resources.

If you want a WordPress host that is easy to set up, has plenty of features, and provides excellent customer service, then look at the best WordPress hosting services.

Convesio’s servers are always online and reliable, providing you with uninterrupted service.

  • One of the things you should consider when choosing a WordPress hosting provider is how often the website is down. If the host does not provide consistent access to your site, you could risk losing potential customers. Convesio guarantees that your site will be up and running 99% of the time, meaning visitors will always have 24/7 access. You can trust that Convesio will never let your site go offline.
  • Convesio’s load balancer containers ensure that your website is never offline. Convesio is distinct from other hosting sites because it doesn’t experience outages. This implies that people can always access your website.
  • Convesio is a web hosting solution that ensures your site always stays live and accessible to everyone who visits it. With their powerful load-balancing containers, they provide high availability so you don’t have to worry about your site going down or being inaccessible.
  • Convesio’s top-tier security measures will ensure that your website is secure from potential malware attacks and other malicious threats. Edit the code configurations and environment variables for optimal protection before any damage can occur.
  • Convesio is one of the most affordable website hosting companies in the world. You can move your platform to Convesio with just a few clicks, and there are no contracts that will bind you!

MySQL servers power the site, enabling it to offer an unrivaled user experience.

MySQL servers are a strong and dependable solution for hosting websites, and they are easy to use! With many different sizes available, you can find the perfect MySQL server for your needs. There is no need to spend money hiring an expensive database administrator because these servers are very user-friendly.

Convesio is the perfect WordPress hosting company! They have MySQL servers that are the best, making them an excellent choice for any website. They have everything you need for a successful website, and it is easy to use. With Convesio as your host, you will never need to worry about reliability or power again.

Do you want a new and better WordPress hosting option? Convesio is a great choice. Their MySQL servers are not only easy to use but also powerful and reliable. With these strong foundations, they can support any type of website without any problems. So, don’t worry about your website being down or slow again—choose Convesio for a quick and efficient service that always delivers.

Automatically scale your resources to maximize efficiency and minimize costs

Convesio is a good WordPress hosting service to use because it can change and adapt as your website changes. With automated scaling of resources available, you can be sure that your site will always have the capacity to handle any spikes in web traffic properly. This is a great benefit compared to other popular WordPress hosts who may not be able to match their services precisely to yours as needed.

Convesio’s automated scaling means that it can adjust the number of resources used based on factors such as website traffic and CPU/memory usage. This means your website will never have to worry about too many visitors at once – Convesio will make sure there are enough resources available! Other WordPress hosting companies may not be able to adjust their resources quickly enough when needed, but Convesio always ensures your site has the resources it needs to handle large numbers of visitors.

Maximize the performance of your application with reliable, monitoring services.

It is important to keep an eye on how well your website is functioning. This way, you can quickly identify and fix any issues. Convesio will help you do this by providing you with quality WordPress hosting and constantly monitoring your website. In this way, you can be sure that your website is running smoothly.

We want to ensure that all of our customers have a good experience while using our services. To make sure of this, we keep an eye on things and upgrade our infrastructure regularly, allowing everything to run smoothly without any problems. We always do our best to guarantee a positive experience when using our service.

Enhancing page caching can significantly improve website speed by utilizing the self-recovery data feature.

Offering Message Conversio’s self-recovery feature is a great way to manage and restore your website hosting database. Regular backups and immediate recovery if any of your websites encounter difficulties eliminate the need for you to worry about the safety of your information or spend hours struggling through these technical tasks.

Convesio’s self-recovery feature protects your data and keeps it secure. If you ever have an accident, such as a server crash or cyber attack, our team can quickly restore any lost information. And when you host your website through Convesio, this incredible recovery system is even faster than before! With Convesio’s self-recovery data feature, you don’t need to worry about losing important files; we’ve got you covered.

Free Migration.

Convesio is a great hosting provider for WordPress sites. We make it easy to transition to our service with seamless migrations. You don’t have to worry about transferring anything manually—we’ll do all the hard work for you, so you can get started on our platform quickly.

Convesio makes it easy and efficient for users to switch their WordPress site to Convesio. The complimentary migration process means you can launch your website with Convesio right away! It’s that simple.

Automatically safeguard your data with reliable backups.

If you’re using WordPress, it is important for your business that you get automatic backups. Thankfully, Convesio is one of the best hosting providers who offer this feature as part of their service package – and it can be a lifesaver! It will save hours of managing the website manually so you have more time to focus on running other aspects of your business.

It is important to have a backup of your website in case you lose your data. Convesio’s WordPress hosting service includes free automatic backups, so you don’t have to worry about losing your data. With the best WordPress hosting available, you can save yourself time and hassle with just one click.

Security features.

Security is not the only thing to consider when selecting a WordPress provider. Another pertinent factor to take into account is customer support. An excellent provider should be available to answer inquiries at any time, day or night, and have an information base with articles and tutorials to assist in the event of any issues.

Convesio is an excellent WordPress hosting solution for people who want their things to be secure. It is also a great investment for people of any level of experience, as it has features that anyone can use.

Speed optimized.

With Convesio, you get the best WordPress hosting around! We know that a speedy website is essential for both your user experience and SEO. To ensure this happens, we use our Cloud VPS platform to optimize speed specifically for WordPress hosting. Plus, with our unique approach to optimization comes resources in abundance – no matter how much traffic your site receives, it will never slow down or go offline.

Enjoy our stress-free, money-back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied with your purchase.

If you’re not satisfied with Convesio’s WordPress Hosting service within the first 30 days, just ask for a refund. No explanation is necessary. With this guarantee, there is no risk in trying out the service. Enjoy all the benefits that come from using Convesio, and know that your money will be returned if you’re not happy.

This is an excellent offer, and you should take advantage of it! If you don’t like the hosting service, you can get your money back; therefore, there is no risk in trying it. This is your chance to get WordPress hosting without any worry or hesitation.

Database clustering

The WordPress hosting Convesio site uses a simple-to-manage database cluster that is enabled using MySQL. This widely accepted, open-source database system makes it possible to create and store large databases on a single server. The powerful combination of this easy-to-manage structure along with the reliable MySQL foundation makes clusters ideal for powering even the busiest WordPress websites.

Automated Flexibility – Maximize your system performance and cost-effectiveness with automated scaling

Autoscaling utilizes containers to keep track of how many resources a website requires. This way, websites can be automatically scaled when traffic increases, thereby eliminating the need for a system administrator and saving money.

Application Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is a process that helps ensure applications run smoothly. It collects data, such as log files, to assist developers in finding and resolving bugs, assessing resource utilization efficiency, and identifying any performance issues that could lead to a poor user experience. Convesso enables you to monitor every component of your WordPress sites at the application level – such as page malfunctions, file errors, or performance problems. With this system in place, you can be certain that all issues will be reported promptly and effectively.

Receive reliable, round-the-clock customer support to ensure an uninterrupted experience.

It is important to find a WordPress hosting provider that has great customer service. The best providers will have someone available to help you 24 hours a day, either by phone, email, or live chat. They should also have a knowledge base full of helpful information and tutorials.

Convesio is a great WordPress hosting company that I highly recommend. Not only does it provide WordPress hosting solutions for improved speed and performance, but its 24/7/365 support team is always ready to help with any website issues. The customer service is excellent; whatever help you need, the Convesio team will be more than happy to provide it

Convesio is an excellent choice for WordPress hosting. The customer service is exceptional, and the servers are always up and running. Furthermore, the platform they use is extremely user-friendly. You can manage your website with ease. I highly recommend Convesio because it provides great value for the price.

There are some good things about Convesio WordPress hosting, but there are also some bad things. You should consider both the good and the bad before deciding whether or not to use them.

If you want a web hosting service that is cheaper, WordPress is not a good option. Additionally, the reliability of WordPress is not as high as traditional hosting services, which could cause problems such as your website being unavailable or other issues.

The Foundation plan might cause problems and even if it does increase your container number, don’t expect much improvement. Additionally, when converting documents through Cloudconvert without all fonts loaded on the file beforehand can be difficult because it tends to alter them along the way.


  • Managed hosting: Convesio offers fully managed-to-host services, which means that they handle the technical aspects of hosting your website for you. This can include tasks such as updates, backups, and security monitoring, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Scalability: Convesio offers easy scalability of resources, which means that you can easily increase or decrease your hosting resources as needed to meet the demands of your website. This can be particularly useful for websites that experience sudden spikes in traffic.
  • Customer support: Convesio offers a range of customer support options, including live chat, email, and phone support, to help you get the assistance you need when you need it.
  • AI and machine learning: Convesio uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to optimize the performance of its hosting platform, which can help improve the speed and reliability of your website.


  • Cost: Convesio may be more expensive than some other hosting options, depending on the specific plan and features you choose.
  • Limited hosting options: Convesio only offers managed WordPress hosting, so it may not be suitable for those looking for a different type of hosting solution.
  • Lack of control: As a managed hosting solution, Convesio handles many of the technical aspects of hosting your website. While this can be convenient, it also means that you may have less control over certain aspects of your website’s hosting and configuration.

Here is a table that provides an overview of Convesio’s website loading speeds in different locations

LocationLoading Speed (seconds)
Washington D.C, United States1.78
London, United Kingdom2.74
São Paulo, Brazil3.02
Tokyo, Japan5.12
Sydney, Australia2.21

If you use Convesio, you don’t need to worry about your website being slow; this won’t hurt your business. Convesio’s infrastructure is very good and fast, powered by Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud—providing lightning-fast loading speeds from anywhere in the world. There are also data centers located across three continents, offering a seamless experience for customers near and far.

And the advanced group of MySQL servers ensures reliability every time – I tested it and it worked great! You won’t have to worry about conversion rates anymore; let Convesio take care of all your back-end needs so that you can be successful.

Convesio Hosting Plans

Looking to master the WordPress hosting game? Look no further than Convesio’s Starter, Business, and Enterprise plans—all specifically designed to handle any user’s individual needs! Here is a comprehensive look at each plan:

In addition to its core hosting features, Convesio also offers a range of additional tools and services to help users get the most out of their websites. These include

  • Custom caching options: Convesio offers custom caching options to help improve the performance of websites, including the ability to clear the cache on demand and control the expiration time of cached pages.
  • Advanced security measures: Convesio provides advanced security measures to protect websites from threats such as malware and hackers, including regular updates, backups, and security monitoring.
  • Professional design themes: Convesio offers access to a range of professional design themes to help users create visually appealing websites. These themes are optimized for speed and performance and can be easily customized to match the brand and style of the website.
  • SEO tools: Convesio offers a range of SEO tools to help users improve the search engine ranking of their websites, including keyword optimization, site analysis, and link building.
  • 24/7 customer support: Convesio provides 24/7 customer support to help users with any questions or issues they may have. This includes live chat, email, and phone support, as well as a comprehensive knowledge base and video tutorials.

Convesio Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to use Convesio?

Convesio is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple control panel and a range of features and tools that make it easy to create and manage your website.

What kind of support does Convesio offer?

Convesio offers a range of support options, including live chat, email, and phone support, to help you get the assistance you need when you need it.

Does Convesio offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Convesio offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for new customers. This means that if you are not satisfied with their service within the first 30 days, you can request a full refund.

Can I upgrade my Convesio plan?

Yes, Convesio offers a range of hosting plans that can be upgraded as needed to meet the demands of your website. You can easily upgrade your plan through your control panel or by contacting their customer support team.

Does Convesio offer any discounts or promotions?

Convesio may offer discounts or promotions from time to time. You can check their website or contact their customer support team to inquire about

Does Convesio offer a website builder?

Yes, Convesio offers a drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to easily create and customize your website.

Does Convesio offer SSL certificates?

Yes, Convesio offers SSL certificates as an optional add-on to their hosting plans. SSL certificates help to secure your website and protect sensitive information such as login credentials and financial data.

Does Convesio offer email hosting?

Yes, Convesio offers email hosting as an optional add-on to their hosting plans. This allows you to create and manage professional email accounts using your own domain name.

Does Convesio offer eCommerce capabilities?

Yes, Convesio offers a range of eCommerce features and integrations to help you create and manage an online store on your website. These features include support for popular eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and support for payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.

Does Convesio offer any security features?

Yes, Convesio offers a range of security features to help protect your website and keep it safe from threats such as malware and hackers. These features include regular updates, backups, and security monitoring.

Final Words on the Best WordPress Hosting with Convesio

Convesio is the best-managed WordPress hosting provider for anyone wanting a reliable and secure website. With great features like auto-scaling capabilities, high-performance servers providing quick web hosting, and 1-click WordPress installation.

The Convesio app is easy to use, and you can try it free for 30 days. This way, you can be sure that your online presence will always be available at top speed! Not only that, but Convesio offers various tiers of services to choose from, depending on the size of your business or budget. Convesio offers unmatched value for money; it’s an ideal choice to launch your company into something spectacular.

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